Louisiana Board of Regents
Baton Rouge, LA -

As a result of Act No. 395 of the 2015 Legislative Session by Rep. Harrison, the Louisiana Board of Regents has launched a new electronic notification process for higher education institutions. This new process is intended to increase higher education’s participation in the receipt and administration of grants and contracts, by providing immediate electronic notification of available requests for proposals.

“In the age of technology, this type of notification system will be greatly beneficial to our institutions,” said Joseph C. Rallo, Commissioner of Higher Education.

Prior to the awarding of any federal requests for proposals (more than $5000), state agencies must now enter information into the Board of Regents’ new electronic notification system at least 30 days before the last day that proposals will be accepted. The system will then notify institutions of available funding opportunities. The site is now available for state agencies and the private sector to explore potential contractual opportunities with LA higher education institutions.

“With the level of talent and expertise that we have across our campuses, I am certain that faculty, staff, and students will take advantage of numerous opportunities to compete for grants and contracts,” said Rallo.