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Mrs. Adley is a partner in the firms of Adley Consultants and RACA Properties. Adley Consultants provides expertise in the field of natural gas transportation, storage, purchasing, balancing and trading to private and public consumers of natural gas.   RACA Properties manages private real estate investments. She is co-owner of Pelican Gas Management, Inc., and recently completed the sale of assets of that corporation. She is the wife of State Senator Robert R. Adley of Benton, Louisiana, and the daughter of long time Mayor and Mrs. L.A. Henagan of DeQuincy, Louisiana.   She earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education from Louisiana State University in 1971.   She then attended Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas where she pursued post graduate studies in religious education.

Mrs. Adley joined the staff of then Congressman and former Senator John B. Breaux, providing constituent services in the state and scheduling services from the Capitol Hill office. She has extensive experience in public and legislative affairs. She provided services to the City of New Orleans in securing federal grants; to the Chamber New Orleans and the River Region on national issues and legislation; and to Freeport McMoRan, Inc. on state issues and legislation.   She was the Director and researcher for Louisiana Energy Political Action Committee, which was one of the largest independent PACs in the nation in 1979, researching and supporting candidates seeking election to the United State Congress, who were knowledgeable on energy issues. Mrs. Adley served in the administration of President Ronald Reagan as an assistant to U.S. Secretary of Energy Jim Edwards in the early 1980s.

Mrs. Adley is a former member of the Old State Capitol Foundation Advisory Board and active member of Benton United Methodist Church in Benton, Louisiana.

Mrs. Adley represents the 4th Congressional District, and her term of service ends December 31, 2020.