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Deferred Maintenance Estimate as of March 2017

Total Higher Education Deferred Maintenance Estimate by System:  $1,766,428,517

LSU System:  $1,068,295,394

UL System:    $364,453,816

SU System:    $183,603,354

LCTCS:          $150,075,953

-Since 1996 the state has provided funding via HB2 for Deferred Maintenance (Major Repairs) on 8 occasions (plus $4.7M from Act 24 of 2013).

-Funding for Deferred Maintenance was fairly common up until 2006-2007, when funding stopped until $4.7M in 2013, $18.4M in 2016.

Since 1996, Deferred Maintenance funding has been provided by the state as follows:

1996    $29.9M

1997    $29.2M

1998    $24.1M

2000    $48.7M

2006    $14.1M

2006    $30.1M (A203 Supplement)

2006    $75M (A7 2008 Supplement)

2013    $4.7M

2016    $18.4M

Total    $274.2M

-Deferred Maintenance issues affect every public two and four year institution in the state.  Institutions have Roofing, HVAC/Electrical/Mechanical, Life Safety Code Compliance, ADA, Infrastructure and other needs.