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2.01 Constitutional Authority

2.02 Adequacy of Information in Campus/System Requests

2.03 Staff Information to Institutions

2.04 Letters of Intent for Projected New Academic Programs

2.05 Proposals for New Academic Programs/Research Units 2.05A Proposals for Centers of Excellence

2.06 Board of Regents Reviews of Existing Academic Programs/Units

2.07 Responses from Institutions to Consultants Reports

2.08 Institutional Requests for Revision or Elimination of Existing Academic Programs and Administrative Units

2.09 Re-Submission of Disapproved Letters of Intent, Proposals or Requests

2.10 Reconsideration of Terminated Academic Programs

2.11 Approved Academic Terms and Degree Designations

2.12 Delivery of Degree Programs Through Distance Learning Technology

2.13 Program Accreditation

2.14 Teacher Preparation Education

2.15 Definitions of Undergraduate/Graduate Certificates and Undergraduate Degrees

2.16 Statewide General Education Requirements

2.17 Staff Approval of Routine Academic Requests

2.18 Minimum Requirements for Placement Into Entry-Level, College-Level Mathematics and English

2.19 Institutional Responsibilities for the Enrollment of Students Across Multiple Institutions

2.20 Assessment and Certificate of Faculty English Proficiency

2.21 Uniformed Service Mobilization